Internet Bandwidth Solutions

To reach customers, partners, vendors, and other branch offices, every business needs customized bandwidth solutions. BlazeNet offers bandwidth models that are reliable, flexible & scalable along with the cost advantage, multiple last mile options and minimum lead times.

BlazeNet offers a bouquet of comprehensive and highly customizable Internet bandwidth solutions. Our services range from usage based solutions, dedicated solutions, to managed bandwidth solutions and much more...

  • Leased Line Internet - Dedicated and Premium (DIA/PILL)
  • Wireless Leased Line - Dedicated
  • Event / Emergency Bandwidth On Demand
  • Metro Fiber Leased Line - Fttb , fttc (FTTX)
  • Telco Network Leased Line (DLC)

BlazeNet provides high speed Internet access services to businesses with dedicated Internet connection to multiple IP network backbone. As one of a few fully peered, facilities-based internet backbone providers, BlazeNet delivers data to its destination securely, reliably and along the fastest route possible. For 12 years, BlazeNet has been providing fast, reliable and cost-effective business high speed Internet access services.

BlazeNet Dedicated, Premium Internet Access includes:

  • Full installation and maintenance
  • IP number allocation - APNIC (IPv6/IPv4)
  • Domain Name Service (DNS) - Primary and Secondary
  • Usage Reporting
  • Service Level Agreements to ensure fast, reliable service
  • Static & Dynamic Routing Protocol
  • On-site Support and 24X7 Support
  • Personalized Support and direct access to Engineers.