Network Planning & Design

BlazeNet recognizes the need for businesses to develop networks is as important and valuable as the organization itself.

  • Introducing new technologies
  • Connectivity between local or remote users
  • Control over departmental processing capabilities
  • The ability for users to share and exchange information

Why BlazeNet

BlazeNet Technical Services provide the design and analysis of client requirements; planning, implementation and support to help businesses establish and maintain connectivity. Our technical staff can assist in the selection and recommendations of hardware and software including performance, costs and future upgrade path while giving you the confidence to plan your network with essential support for the present and future.

Network architecture to meet your needs

  • Future user requirements
  • A one stop shop for all your networking needs
  • The knowledge and dependability to deliver an entire solution
  • Continuous planning for future developments
  • Cost effectiveness
  • Flexible
  • Years of successful experience

Network Planning

BlazeNet provides professional technical services for all phases of networks. We pride ourselves on quality and service. BlazeNet staffs each project with a balance of personnel who have indispensable technical and management skills in addition to years of experience. BlazeNet guarantees quality service and customer satisfaction by having the project management staff work directly with the client for all phases of the project.

  • BlazeNet provides its clients with strategic reviews of their current and future network.
  • Identifying client requirements
  • Capacity of the physical network, logical transport and services
  • Identifying and selecting the right technology
  • Developing architectures
  • Performing baseline audits
  • Network security audits and planning

Network Design

BlazeNet assists clients with their physical, logical and operational network infrastructures. Our services produce detailed network specifications and implementation tactics necessary to achieve our clients' goals. We provide our clients with reports identifying the exact technology for implementation to be used, a process to integrate with the existing system, the future configuration and implementation.

  • Identifying user requirements
  • Developing integration plans
  • Technical design documentation

Network Implementation

BlazeNet is successful in implementing the custom transition of networks without losing valuable time or disrupting the client's current business operations.

  • Deploying high-speed networks
  • Integrating network platforms
  • Construction of network operations
  • Re-configuring and upgrading network systems

Network Administration

BlazeNet assists our clients with the tasks necessary to configure and maintain a fully operational network system.

  • Network administration
  • Management of user accounts
  • Security level monitoring
  • Network operation analysis
  • Troubleshooting
  • Repair and restoration
  • Network backup, including disaster recovery procedures